Cybera gets a little more social

Cybera is pleased to announce the launch of its official Facebook Page. Part of Cybera'€™s evolving outreach efforts, this Facebook presence opens another door for Cybera to connect with innovators across Alberta. This page will showcase Cybera'€™s projects and partnerships, as well as encourage community discussion on technology trends, issues and challenges.

We encourage you to '€œLike'€ Cybera on Facebook and spread the word to your own friends and colleagues. Once we'€™ve reached 100 followers, we will enter all the followers'€™ names into a draw for an iTunes gift certificate to use on Web 2.0 apps and other digital content for mobile devices.

Facebook is the latest addition to Cybera'€™s cloud-based community and online social network. You can find and interact with Cybera at the following sites: