Cybera forms new partnership with MoboVivo

Cybera is announcing a new pilot project with a Calgary-based media distribution company, MoboVivo Inc., which will enable consumers to more easily access their favourite videos and music. MoboVivo licenses television shows, movies and music for web and mobile devices, such as the Blackberry and iPhone.

Cybera will partner with staff from the University of Calgary’s Information Technologies to work with MoboVivo to develop prototypes and middleware for a transcoding service that MoboVivo will commercialize and market. The service will enable users to download web content in a single format usable on any mobile device.

“The content is mobile — you can take it with you,” says Trevor Doerksen, founder and Chief Executive Officer of MoboVivo. “We’re working with our partners, such as Cybera, to create a unified anytime, anywhere, user experience."

Typically, when downloading content files to any device, such as a cell phone, the files must be encoded in a particular way, and, then, decoded to be compatible with the cell phone. Different devices usually require different encoding, making it complex and expensive for distributors to get their content onto a variety of devices.

“MoboVivo’s transcoding service removes barriers by managing all the different file iterations and simplifying the loading process, from start to finish, to the many different platforms content distributors have to choose from,” says Doerksen.

MoboVivo will use Cybera’s access to cyberinfrastructure — such as powerful, distributed and virtual or “cloud” computing resources — for testing and incubation purposes of the transcoding prototypes and middleware.

“Cybera looks forward to the partnership with MoboVivo,” says Patrick Mann, Chief Technology Officer for Cybera. “This pilot project will lead to interesting technology opportunities for Cybera as we help develop the middleware cyberinfrastructure required for MoboVivo’s services and other potential uses.”

After two-and-a-half years consulting for Cybera as a Business Developer, Doerksen is switching his focus to concentrate solely on MoboVivo. Doerksen provided leadership and ideas in Cybera’s areas of business planning and development, events, communications, organization and projects. He also contributed to many of Cybera’s early industry projects. Cybera continues to operate its pilot project program, and will transfer Trevor’s initiatives to other internal staff.


About Cybera Inc
For the last 15 years, Cybera has supported Alberta’s system of research and development — also known as cyberinfrastructure — by planning and implementing advanced networks and computational facilities. Cybera works with the Government of Alberta, Cybera’s member organizations, other public and private Alberta organizations and interprovincial and federal partners to ensure Alberta’s competitiveness in advanced technologies. Expanded in 2007 from the existing Netera Alliance organization, Cybera manages CyberaNet, a high performance network that connects Alberta to CANARIE, Canada’s national research network. Cybera acts as the prime contractor for the management of WestGrid, a consortium that provides advanced computing for research to participating universities in Western Canada. Cybera also works with public and private partners to create pilot projects of new technologies that have potential benefits for Alberta and Canada.

About MoboVivo Inc
MoboVivo is a consumer-facing website that distributes television shows internationally to computers, iPods, mobile phones, game platforms, set-top boxes, web sites and social networks. MoboVivo is developing a unified entertainment platform designed to let our customers take TV with them — anytime, anywhere, anyhow. To date, MoboVivo has focused on the 150 million-plus iPod/iPhone market segment, becoming the number one iPhone WebApp in April 2008.

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