Cybera board member Jonathan Schaeffer featured in The Economist

A July 8th special report on gambling in The Economist examined one of the most up and coming poker players of the century, and advised readers to “bet on the bot.” This player, named Polaris, is in fact a computer program designed by the University of Alberta’s Computer Poker Research Group (CPRG), of which Computing Sciences professor and Cybera Board Member Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer is a contributor.
Dr. Schaeffer’s research into how to crack games of chance, made a huge breakthrough in 2007, when his research team published an article in Science magazine with the bold title “Checkers Is Solved.” Using a computer program to crunch through the 500 billion possible positions on a checkerboard, Dr. Schaeffer and his colleagues proved that computer programs could indeed beat their human opponents in games of strategy and chance.
Read The Economist article Bet on the Bot. 


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