Cybera bids farewell to Mary Anne

Mary AnneCybera's talented Vice-President of Strategic Communications, Mary Anne Moser, has left Cybera. She will be focusing on her leadership role with the Beakerhead arts and science festival.

Mary Anne has been with Cybera for nearly two years, during which time she has led the company through a branding and website re-design, developed a strategic path for the company to follow and help guide its efforts, evolved Cybera'€™s annual Summit into a world-class event, as well as developed and strengthened Cybera'€™s relationship with its stakeholder community.

It has been a great pleasure to work with her, and we wish Mary Anne all the best with her future projects.

If you have any Communication inquiries please contact:
Meagan Hampel, Communications Manager

For Strategy/Policy inquiries please contact:
Barb Carra, VP, Policy and Regulatory Affairs