Cybera Attends Talk on Alberta’s Science and Technology International Relations

On November 9, staff from Cybera attended an Edmonton Licensing Executives Luncheon at the University of Alberta Faculty Club with guest speaker Mel Wong, Assistant Deputy Minister of Advanced Technology Industries Division at Alberta Advanced Education and Technology.

Wong spoke about the status of Alberta'€™s science and technology partnerships abroad, specifically in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Wong'€™s presentation explained how over the past few years, Alberta has made progress in promoting itself internationally as a science and technology stimulator. He identified the key to developing successful partnerships with people, companies or government agencies in other countries is investing time and effort and identifying champions (helpers) along the way. More specifically, Alberta has been taking the time to learn other countries'€™ or regions'€™ cultures, their way of doing business and research, and identify what skills and resources they have that Alberta can leverage.

Over 30 people attended the Licensing Executives Society (LES) luncheon. The LES is a professional society comprised of nearly 5,000 members engaged in the transfer, use, development and marketing of intellectual property. Membership includes a wide range of professionals, including business executives, licensing consultants, engineers, scientists and government officials.