Cybera and Compute/Calcul Canada to deliver cloud and data storage for CANARIE’s DAIR Program

CANARIE, Canada'€™s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, today announced that it has selected Cybera and Compute/Calcul Canada as the providers of research computing and data storage services for the DAIR (Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research) Program.

CANARIE'€™s DAIR Program will help small- and medium-sized ICT companies create new, complex, large-scale products, and demonstrate them to customers, without building a costly R & D infrastructure themselves. The program leverages CANARIE'€™s high-speed network and adds compute and storage capacity to deliver a robust R & D environment. Cybera and Compute Canada submitted their C5 proposal (Cybera Compute/Calcul Canada Cloud) in partnership with Hydro-Quebec. C5 will supply and manage two large-scale compute and storage nodes for the DAIR Program.

Cybera and Compute/Calcul Canada are using Rackspace'€™s OpenStack services as the cloud platform for the nodes. Also, Cybera staff are one of the first participants in Rackspace'€™s newly launched program, Cloud Builders, which offers training and certification, deployment services, and ongoing support to enterprises and service providers using OpenStack.

'€œThe ICT entrepreneurs and researchers participating in CANARIE'€™s DAIR Program need access to responsive and flexible software,'€ said John Shillington, the C5 project architect and VP Technology with Cybera. '€œWe are working with Rackspace Cloud Builders to optimize our cloud deployment and quickly ramp up OpenStack, so that we can ensure a successful pilot for CANARIE.'€

DAIR is slated to be operational in spring 2011, initially as a pilot program. Features of CANARIE'€™s DAIR Program include:

  • '€œcloud-based'€ computing where shared resources are provided on demand
  • on-demand provisioning
  • instant scalability wireless and
  • virtual private network (VPN) access.

For more information on the DAIR program, click here.

For more information on Cybera'€™s involvement in the program, contact us.