Creating an efficient internet for Alberta’s schools

This week, IT decision makers from the province's K-12 schools gathered in Edmonton for the annual Alberta Technology Leaders in Education conference. The event focused on developments in interactive displays, learning software, virtual desktops and school networking.

On Thursday, November 15, Cybera staff members presented on the state of bandwidth costs for schools across Alberta, and what can be done to make these connections more efficient. In many areas of the province, the high cost and varying quality of connecting to the internet are limiting access for students.

Technical Operations Manager Jean-Francois Amiot, and Project Manager May Lynn Lee, described the results from Cybera's peering and Internet Buying Group pilots with two Alberta school districts, and how this could be scaled up to support more school districts.

For more details on Cybera's networking services, click here.

To find out more about the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education conference, visit the event's website.