Cloud experts from Alberta working with world’s elite

International product launch today

When Wired magazine published a feature article on cloud computing in April 2012, they described one of the key figures, Chris Kemp, as a wunderkind of sorts —€” a former NASA Chief Technology Officer, the youngest in the youngest in NASA'€™s history, and a driving force of open source software for building clouds "that is changing everything."€

That same morning, Chris Kemp was in Calgary, Alberta, working with the technical team at Cybera, a publicly funded agency whose mandate is to help Alberta institutions and entrepreneurs use advanced network technology.

The Cybera team worked under a non-disclosure agreement to beta test an exciting new product called Nebula One, which is being launched today in California by Nebula, a world leader in cloud computing. Cybera was the first Nebula pilot-testing partner in one of only two Canadian sites.

At the core of the Nebula One system is a cloud controller —€” a device that is connected to a set of servers to create a cloud. It is designed as a 'cloud in a box' for larger organizations that are ready to replace their rooms full of servers with a more streamlined system. It is the kind of technology that provides the systems-wide solutions now sought to contain costs for the Alberta public sector, including post-secondary institutions.

"Our government'€™s investment in Cybera is bringing the latest advantages in computing resources to Campus Alberta institutions to help them be more efficient, collaborative and productive,"€ said Thomas Lukaszuk, Deputy Premier and Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education. "Cybera'€™s partnership with Nebula demonstrates the tremendous talent we have in Alberta and our commitment to building effective shared services to benefit Albertans."€

Cybera receives approximately $2-million per year in Alberta government support. Since Cybera'€™s inception, more than $13 million has been invested by the Alberta government in support of Cybera'€™s programs to enhance our province'€™s competitiveness in the area of high-speed networks and related systems and software development.

Three Cybera staff members were involved in testing over the course of a year. They provided feedback on the usability and quality of the system, suggesting features and improvements.

"We recognized the forward-thinking and technology thought leadership that Cybera offers in the cloud space, and have been happy to advise on a number of Cybera'€™s IT initiatives,"€ says Kemp.

Cybera is now sharing that expertise through pilots that are helping Alberta post-secondary institutions streamline their own information technology operations by moving to the cloud.