CANARIE and Cybera support incubators with transformative tech tools

Reprinted from a CANARIE news release

startup and cloud smallCANARIE and Cybera today announced the latest partnership to provide local Canadian businesses with a suite of powerful, cloud-based resources to support product development and commercialization.

Through this partnership, TEC Edmonton will provide Edmonton businesses access to CANARIE'€™s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) program. DAIR provides low-cost cloud-based computing
resources for entrepreneurs to develop, test, prototype and demonstrate next-generation products. DAIR'€™s made-in-Canada cloud provides entrepreneurs with the time horizon, scalability and cost certainty unmatched
by other cloud offerings.

"This is a province built by entrepreneurs. It's at the very core of what makes us Albertans —€” and Canadians,"€ says Robin Winsor, President and CEO of Cybera. "At Cybera, we are connecting this spirit to advanced technology and this is helping to cultivate a new generation of businesses. We are delighted to help bring this important CANARIE program to the west."

The TEC Edmonton partnership is an expansion of the Powered by DAIR partner model, in which organizations supporting businesses secure a block of DAIR resources and offer the service as an extension to their existing services. Administrative and marketing support is also offered, to assist in cloud incubation support to clients. For business owners, Powered by DAIR is a one-stop shop of services that reduces the time and effort required to navigate various programs.

Powered by DAIR was launched in 2013 with the City of Fredericton'€™s goFred network, Startup Calgary and educational institutions such as Ottawa'€™s Algonquin College and New Brunswick Community College.

"CANARIE and Cybera, together with business accelerators like TEC Edmonton, and the academic community, are powerful allies for Canadian businesses working on next-generation products and services,"€ says Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO of CANARIE. "€œPartnerships like this make it easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get the support and services they need, when they need it, to move from idea to market launch."€

The TEC Edmonton/CANARIE/Cybera partnership is an example of Canada'€™s innovation ecosystem players working together to strengthen the information and communications technology (ICT) sector and boost the competitive edge of entrepreneurs driving Canada'€™s economic growth.

"Our clients, entrepreneurs in the Edmonton region, can use flexible cloud computing and ultra-fast networks through DAIR to rapidly develop new products, scale their businesses smoothly, and access the best computing infrastructure possible at very low cost," says TEC Edmonton CEO Chris Lumb. "We know this will be very appealing to compute-intensive young companies, and we'€™re pleased to partner with CANARIE and Cybera to bring this to market."

TEC Edmonton'€™s business accelerator services and strong links with the University of Alberta support the rapid commercialization of innovative research. CANARIE'€™s history of seeding transformative technologies in both the
public and private sectors help Canadians compete in the global knowledge economy. Cybera'€™s focus is on accelerating technology adoption in Alberta through a range of initiatives, including management of the ultra high-speed public research network. Together, the partners deliver a powerful suite of services to spur business innovation and growth in Alberta.

DAIR'€™s free cloud resources are also available to any small or medium-sized Canadian business through the CANARIE website.