Canada’s biggest digital media event to cover western energy

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The Canadian Digital Media Network's upcoming Canada 3.0 Conference, an annual affair that places heavy emphasis on startups in the digital innovation space, is coming to Calgary.

Canada 3.0's 2014 version kicks off May 26-28 with a focus on meshing together Canada'€™s massive energy sector and its ever-growing ICT sector.

The conference will be held in Calgary this year, the first time it's being hosted outside of Ontario. The theme will be "Digital Innovation Enabling the Energy Economy."

The goal of Canada 3.0 is to stimulate discussion around the energy sector —€” Canada's largest —€” and one of the most critical issues facing Canadians at home and around the world in energy sourcing, production, distribution and management.

Cybera has signed on as an Inspire and Founding sponsor of the event, and will be working with the startup community over the next few months to engage with Canada 3.0.