August 8 CyberaNet service disruption

Sunday, August 10, 12:40 AM

A network patch has been put in place, and the connection to SuperNet restored. The message received from SHAW is: "We would still advise to consider the service in threat until all repairs are completed, but cannot say if there will further interruptions due to the extent of work in the area."

Saturday, August 9, 3:37 PM

Workers are still attempting to redirect the fibres that were affected by Thursday's fire. They are unable to provide a set timeframe for when the work will be finished. Cybera staff are in constant contact with SHAW for updates.

Friday, August 8, 2:03 PM

SHAW workers have been allowed into the damaged area and are currently working to re-route the Cybera circuit to SuperNet.

Friday, August 8, 9:18 AM

There was an electrical fire inside a manhole in the Calgary region at 11:54 PM on Thursday August 7, which caused a major telecommunication outage, affecting Cybera's SHAW fibre connection to SuperNet.

The Calgary Fire Department is currently on scene making sure the location is safe before any workers are allowed on site.

Cybera will post more information as it receives more information from SHAW.

Please contact the Cybera Network Operations Centre for site-specific information.