Alberta internet hub will drive down the cost of networking in the province

57329e44 27e7 4bf3 aa5e 61196cfb3c3dCybera is pleased to announce that it has connected its network to the YYCIX Calgary Internet Exchange, a network traffic hub that is expected to have a significant impact on the price and quality of internet service in western Canada.

Previously, when two Albertans living side-by-side but with different internet providers sent each other a message, this message would usually have to travel down to the United States to be processed at the nearest internet exchange before being sent back up again. The YYCIX Calgary Internet Exchange, which was set up in 2012, is working to keep local traffic local and to make connections run more efficiently. This will not only improve service (local connections can travel faster), but it will also reduce the costs for Internet Service Providers —€” both small and large —€” who are looking to connect their customers to international internet traffic.

In connecting its high-speed research and education network, CyberaNet, and its 60 education and public sector members to the internet hub, Cybera aims to foster the growth of this single internet exchange in Calgary.

"€œHaving a large-scale internet exchange in the province is an important step in bringing fair and efficient internet services to every corner of the province,"€ says Cybera'€™s Network and Operations Director, Jean-Francois Amiot, who has also joined the YYCIX Calgary Internet Exchange'€™s Board of Directors. "We are excited to work with the exchange to grow its membership as Alberta continues to advance its digital footprint in the world economy."€

The YYCIX Calgary Internet Exchange now has over 20 members connecting to it, including Hurricane Electric, a major internet provider that connects to 80 international exchange points.

"It is a huge benefit for Alberta to have such a large provider connect to the YYCIX Calgary Internet Exchange, as it gives local Internet Service Providers a direct and cost-efficient link to thousands of networks,"€ adds Amiot.

Charles Taylor, president of the YYCIX Calgary Internet Exchange board, sees great potential for local businesses to thrive through this new and evolving internet hub.

"€œMost major cities in the world have their own Internet Exchange to keep local internet traffic local, and facilitate cost-effective sharing of data and lower latency,"€ says Taylor. "€œYYCIX is a necessary tool to assist all Albertans as our economy evolves and our businesses compete on a global scale. Having Alberta'€™s technology accelerator, Cybera, as a peer and on the YYCIX board is a great next-step heading into 2015. We expect many more members to join in 2015 to take advantage of the efficient network connections that YYCIX provides."€

As more and more users and internet providers connect, the benefits will be felt by all Albertans. Soon, the email you send to your neighbour will be a lot less worldly when it arrives.