TEC Venture Angels Bootcamp

TEC Venture Angels Bootcamp

TEC Venture Angels will be hosting an Investment Bootcamp August 16-17, 2014.

Randy Thompson, Angel Investor and Director of TEC Venture Angels, will provide startup founders with valuable insight and exercises to help them ‘become the investor’ and understand the process. Founders will get the exclusive opportunity to:

  • Talk directly with investors about what they look for (including local Angel & VC guest speakers)
  • Form connections with influencers and active investors in the Alberta investment community (Typically, access to these investors can cost up to $1,000!)
  • Learn how to create a product plan, discuss sales & marketing, and determine how to value your company and sell shares – all from real angel investors, not consultants
  • Create an Investor Deck and present to angel investors

To conclude the weekend, founders will have the opportunity to pitch to a distinguished panel of investors and community influencers and receive feedback. The top 3 finalists will pitch during a catered dinner for the investment community.


TEC Edmonton
(10230 Jasper Ave., 4th Floor)