#StartupChats – Taking Control of Your Business Costs

#StartupChats '€“ Taking Control of Your Business Costs

Always remember '€“ a dollar saved from costs goes directly towards the bottom line.

Using your dollar wisely can go a long way, especially for a startup, and the first step is planning ahead! You want to be proactive, not reactive, because it forces you to act under pressure, potentially paying more for something than you should. Monitoring your inventory (and personnel!) levels, allow you to effectively cut costs, without losing quality. Process engineering can help you find efficiencies, manage costs, scale on a budget. But what is process engineering? How can I manage my costs using my financials? Register today and learn from the experts!

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Intuit Canada (@QuickBooksCA) for #StartupChats on June 3, 2015 at 12pm EDT, hosted by Edwin Frondozo (@drgnmeme), to learn how you can effectively cut costs, while still growing.


More info here: http://www.startupcan.ca/ourwork/startupchats-taking-control-of-your-business-costs/