Startup Weekend Calgary EDU

Startup Weekend Calgary EDU

An epic 54-hour entrepreneurial experience for… Youth + Educators + Developers + Designers + Business Professionals

Youth! Ever wondered what it’s like to be your own boss? Create something new? Be an entrepreneur?

Educators! Designers! Developers! Biz Devs! Have you ever had an idea for improving education?

Here’s your chance to experience 54 hours of entrepreneurial innovation as you transform your ideas into reality. Form a team with complimentary skills, passion, and commitment and build a prototype in one weekend. Design, test, and receive coaching from experienced designers, business mentors, and industry professionals, and win prizes that will help take your idea to the next level!

Startup Weekend EDU YYC features two tracks to choose from. Select the track that motivates you!

Edu Track (maximum of 60 participants)

Got an idea that will make a difference in education? Want to make an impact on teaching and learning? The edu track brings together the diverse talents and skill sets of educators, technologists, designers, and business professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact on education. In 54 hours, you’ll pitch ideas, form teams, test prototypes, and prep for your time in the spotlight. Pitch an idea if you have one, or join a team if you don’t. You’ll come away with a deep understanding of how entrepreneurial thinking can be applied in and out of your learning environment to develop solutions to an array of challenges in schools, educational organizations, the educational space, and beyond. No experience necessary–all you need is an interest in educational ideas!

Youth Track (maximum of 60 participants)

Ever wondered what it’s like to bring an idea to life and make it happen? Want to try it out and learn from people who have done it? If you’re in grades 9-12, come and experience what it’s like to pitch an idea, form a team, validate, design, prototype, and present in front of a panel of judges. You’ll receive coaching and mentorship from innovative entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, developers, and business professionals throughout the weekend. Experience 54 hours of action, collaboration, and entrepreneurial thinking to bring your ideas to life. No experience necessary–just bring your energy and enthusiasm!

For more information, visit the Startup Weekend website