Monthly Hackathon: Hardware Edition

Monthly Hackathon: Hardware Edition

On the first Saturday of every month, Startup Edmonton is hosting a Monthly Hackathon at Startup Edmonton HQ. This hackathon is a little different than your average hackathon – they’re skipping the idea pitch/planning phase and instead calling on developers and designers to come with an idea/team in mind to challenge themselves to build something in a day.

This month, we are running a Hardware Hackathon in partnership with TELUS! We will have a number of hardware items to tinker with, as well as a few technology gurus on hand from TELUS. 

Items that we will have available to make projects with are:

Pebble Smart Watch 
Little Bits 
Raspberry Pi 
Bluetooth Beacons

To register, please fill out this form:

Note: as with any monthly hackathon, you’re able to participate in the monthly theme or just come in with your own software project to work on. 

If you’re looking for ideas or a team to work with, come to our Weekly Hack Night on Wednesday, October 29th at 6pm. We will have a few hardware items on hand to check out. 

The details:

When: Saturday, November 1st 
Starts at: 8:30am and goes until 6pm 
Cost: Free! 
Food and coffee will be provided. 
Your friends from Startup Edmonton and the Physical Computing Meetup will be hosting this hackathon.



8:30 am – arrivals, get set up with a work space, grab a coffee 

9:00 am – get to work

12:00 pm – lunch break 

1:00 pm – get back to work!

5:00 pm – food break, share what you were able to build

6:00 pm – wrap up, high-fives all around