A world-class technology conference. An unprecedented line-up. All set in the stunning Canadian rockies.

As the internet has become a ubiquitous life form, the term cloud computing has become not only redundant, but irrelevant.  In this day and age, there simply is no other type of effective computing. The new order of information technology is upon us.

Lines between disruptive startup subculture and enterprise technology are blurring fast.

Once precious, expensive and scarce IT resources, controlled by a cartel of machines and processes, are now immediately and widely available to the common consumer. Innovation is now less about access to technology and more about the rapid convergence of art, science and global socio-economics.

Welcome to an exploration of where we live today and how we will live tomorrow '€” through the minds of technology leaders, innovators and change makers from the present and the future; people who are taking us to the places we need to be but cannot find on our own. Welcome to the end of a Silicon Valley bedtime story.

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