How To Avoid Being A “Wantrapreneur”

How To Avoid Being A '€œWantrapreneur”

Michael Sikorsky is a powerhouse in Calgary'€™s startup community. A successful entrepreneur his most recent company Robots & Pencils (, founded in 2008, is focussed on all things App related. Robots and Pencils won the Innovation/Leadership awards from Digital Alberta in 2010 for their iPhone work and they are about to launch a revolutionary App creating package.  Michael is heavily involved in passing on his knowledge about technology and startups and was recently part of the Haskayne Hour talking to a packed house about the importance of inspiring the entrepreneurial mindset.

We'€™re very excited to be able to bring Michael back to the University to talk about another facet of entrepreneurship, what he calls being a '€œwantrapreneur'€ or deciding to start a business based on your own passion for the project rather than that of your audience. He'€™ll talk about strategies he'€™s used throughout his career to test the waters before fully committing his resources to a new idea and how to avoid falling into the trap of blindly believing that what you are creating is something that people truly want. 

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