GRAND NCE Emerging Gaming and Digital Technologies and Solutions

GRAND NCE Emerging Gaming and Digital Technologies and Solutions

The Graphics, Animation and New Media Network of Centres of Excellence ('€œGRAND'€) is pleased to hold a workshop at the University of Alberta on April 7, 2014 on the general theme of advances in game development technologies, game design, etc., and will include presentations from agencies and organizations providing funding to startups and SMEs and general support to the graphics, animation and game development community.

Aside from being a forum for communicating emerging technologies in new digital media the workshop offers an excellent networking opportunity for both digital media and gaming researchers/specialists and industry to forge partnerships and to initiate collaborations that create solutions to game development and graphics and animation needs and problems. A major goal of the forum is to stimulate discussions between industry and the GRAND research community and supporting partners and to increase awareness of the academic community'€™s desire to work with industry to address specific challenges and needs. Technology transfer is a major issue for academics and industry alike and the workshop will also identify the challenges and rewards of moving technology out of the universities and include discussions on IP protection and the various transfer/commercialization avenues.

Conference Fee: $0


University of Alberta '€“ Alumni House,
11515 Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton, Alberta