Coast-to-Coast Series: Technology for Aging Well

Coast-to-Coast Series: Technology for Aging Well

The Coast to Coast (C2C) Seminar is an hour-long presentation given on a scientific topic and is made accessible to audiences at a number of remote sites across Canada through collaboration technology. C2C Seminars are held every two weeks throughout the academic year.

Sensor Technologies for Managing Disease and Disability

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 '€” 11:30 to 12:30 PST

Speaker Info:

Dr. Rafik A. Goubran, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University

Dr. Frank Knoefel, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa


Technology has been proposed as part of the solution to the challenges of a population that is getting increasingly frail, but prefers to '€œage in place.'€ A number of different sensors and sensor types have been proposed to monitor health conditions and overall functioning of older adults in their homes. This C2C seminar will review a number of unobtrusive sensors that have been used in both laboratory and community settings. Our group has used a pressure sensitive mat that can distinguish between healthy and impaired transfers from bed. The same mat has also been used to monitor breathing at the end of life. Other sensors include ones as simple as magnetic switches on the fridge door and as complicated as electronic noses and microphone arrays. Ultimately, these technologies will be able to monitor older adults in their homes and detect changes that can lead to early intervention, thus preventing health or functional deterioration and more significant morbidity, and hence supporting '€œaging in place.'€


Videoconferenced to participating partner institutions.

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