Cloud Lunch Series Edmonton: Developing on OpenStack

Cloud Lunch Series Edmonton: Developing on OpenStack

Presented by Cybera (Alberta'€™s non-profit technology agency)

Startup Edmonton has partnered with the national DAIR (Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research) program, which gives entrepreneurs access to free cloud computing services for up to one year while they test their products. Cybera is also providing free cloud to Alberta makers, researchers and developers through the Rapid Access Cloud pilot.

So what can you do with these tools?

Both cloud resources operate on OpenStack. In this talk, developers from Cybera will describe and demonstrate OpenStack, and the types of projects that are a good fit. They will also demonstrate how you can treat your infrastructure like code (with Chef, one of several popular automation frameworks) to make it easier to move between different cloud providers.

About the Presenters

Curtis Collicutt is a Developer with Cybera. He has worked in the education sector for most of his career, primarily as a security systems analyst and a senior Unix systems administrator. At Cybera, Curtis uses Apache VCL and OpenStack to support Windows 7 desktops.

David Ackerman is a Senior Developer at Cybera. He formerly led a team at Nexopia, the social networking site which was a household name before the arrival of Facebook. David is experienced with enterprise software, ruby on rails, EC2, and telecommuting to Silicon Valley. At Cybera, he has led the work to automate infrastructure deployments with tools like Chef on OpenStack.


Startup Edmonton HQ
301, 10359 – 104 Street, Edmonton, AB

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