Canadian OpenStack Users Group March 2014 Meetup

Canadian OpenStack Users Group March 2014 Meetup

Topic of the March meeting

The next meeting will default to talking about OpenStack Swift object storage as there are a couple of organizations in Edmonton rolling out Swift.

However, I would love it if other members had different topic ideas or something they specifically wanted to discuss or demo. I go to a lot of meetups and do find it slightly awkward when the person organizing the meet up is also presenting, so it would be great to get some input from the community as to what we should be talking about (but at least we have a default topic if nothing else comes up).

Video conferencing

As usual we will bring in people from across Canada via voice and video conferencing. We won’t just be talking in Edmonton. 🙂

For this meeting we may have to use something like Google Hangouts instead of our previous service Bluejeans. If anyone has any suggestions for voice or video conferencing please let me know.

Updated website

I have recently updated the website and moved it to be hosted by Github Pages. I’ve also migrated most of the blog posts there as well. I’m hoping that by setting up a cleaner website via Github that the community might want to send some blog posts or other pull requests my way to improve the site and its content.

Canadian OpenStack Organizational Users

I also added a “users” section and filled it with a couple of companies I know in Canada that are using OpenStack. Certainly the content there is sorely lacking, and is my fault.

So, if you know of any organizations or work at one that should be added, please do let me know so I can add it, and/or ensure the page is accurate.