CyberaNet overview

Need to move big data, fast?

CyberaNet is Alberta’s publicly-funded, ultra-high-speed network that moves big data between the province’s education institutions, researchers and IT entrepreneurs, and provincial, national and international research networks.

Cybera supports a climate of creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurial thinking by providing a seamless, dependable and cost-effective network. Post-secondary institutions, K-12 schools, government agencies, not-for-profits and high-tech incubators depend on CyberaNet’s unmetered bandwidth to advance their projects and provide a testbed for emerging technologies.

Who do we connect in Alberta?

Efficient networks


By providing the right connectivity, CyberaNet supports the flow of data and gives members access to:

Big data

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In addition, Cybera is paving the way for Alberta researchers to engage in major international research projects:

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Connection options

Cybera will work with interested organizations to determine how best to meet their bandwidth needs — always with the goal of leveraging the province’s investment in SuperNet to create a fully integrated system of public networks.

Institutions can connect to CyberaNet either through contracts with Internet Service Providers or through SuperNet.

The overall network costs for members connected to CyberaNet are considerably lower than for those not connected due to their increased network efficiency. To learn more about the options available to your organization, contact Cybera's membership team.

Technical requirements for Peering Service

Technical requirements for the Internet Buying Group

Acceptable Use Policy – Network Services