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Cybera puts its members in touch with the world.

All of Alberta’s research universities and many post-secondary institutions and school districts, technology companies and organizations in Alberta’s start-up culture have joined Cybera and are using the ultra high-speed network to support their research initiatives and Cybera’s shared IT services to bring their costs down.

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Why join Cybera?

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Public institutions can:

  • Connect to CyberaNet and gain high-bandwidth access to educational materials and link to the international system of research networks
  • Use Cybera’s Peering Service to connect directly to major content providers on the web, removing, on average, 60% of their traffic from a commercial internet connection
  • Access Cybera’s Internet Buying Group for commercial traffic
  • Use Cybera’s cloud computing expertise and shared IT services
  • Attend Cybera’s advanced technology workshops and knowledge-exchange events

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Innovators can:

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