I, For One, Welcome Our New AI Overlords


Wednesday, November 7

1:15 – 1:45 pm

Gold / Silver Room

Plenary Session

I, For One, Welcome Our New AI Overlords

Historically, humans are not that graceful about accepting change. Disruption can cause major revolution. No matter what the future holds, it will include disruption of how things used to be, and there will be resulting reaction from humans. As things evolve, jobs disappear, industries change and humans react.

But this time it’s different.

The jobs are going to machines, and machines are catching up. Do you really think a machine can’t do your job? Are you sure? What will society look like when none of us have jobs? How do we structure society when our work and jobs no longer define us? Can we find ways to contribute and add value? We’ll need to find out because the AI train isn’t stopping, it’s coming whether we’re ready or not.

It’s time to be the best version of humanity we can, because this is something we’ll be facing soon, and we’ll be facing it together.


Robin Winsor
President and CEO, Cybera

Robin Winsor is a highly influential visionary and executive in the technology field, who is known for being both a playful and provocative agent of change. Born in Scotland, Winsor grew up with a passion for both science and adventure, moving to Canada in 1982 to pursue both. Over the course of his extraordinary career, he invented the world’s first direct digital x-ray imaging device, and has led Cybera to become one of Canada’s most vocal champions for the digitally disadvantaged. Under his leadership, the company’s mandate has expanded to provide digital services to Alberta’s K-12, startup, First Nations and public sectors. Winsor is a past recipient of a Manning Innovation Award, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and in 2012, received a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding service to Canada. He holds multiple patents and has authored standards used across multiple industries. He is widely sought after as a speaker on the future of technology.