The Power of Human Disruption


Wednesday, November 7

1:45 pm – 2:15 pm

Gold / Silver Room

Sponsored Plenary Session

The Power of Human Disruption

In this talk, Jim will discuss the roles of human intelligence, delegated intelligence, and artificial intelligence, and how we can harness the power of each to build a prosperous future for all.


Jim Ghadbane
President and CEO, CANARIE

As CANARIE's President and CEO, Jim is responsible for achieving the company’s objectives as stated in its current agreement with the Government of Canada, including providing an internationally competitive ultra-high speed network for Canada’s research, innovation and education communities; developing and implementing next generation technologies; and assisting Canadian firms and higher education institutions advance innovation and commercialization efforts.

Jim joined CANARIE as Chief Technology Officer in May 2010 and is an experienced leader in the ICT industry. Prior to joining CANARIE, Jim held a variety of executive positions at leading technology companies, including Bridgewater Systems (now part of Amdocs), Ceyba Corporation, Alcatel Corporation, and Newbridge Networks.