The Dark Side of Social Tracking


Wednesday, November 7

10:30 – 11:15 am

Gold / Silver Room

Enterprise / Research Track

The Dark Side of Social Tracking

In the age of the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytical crisis, Beverley will focus on the "darker side" of tracking consumers and gaining access to an individual's "private" data using digital tools. This will include what could be considered unethical tactics (for education only) organizations are and may be using to gather data on their demographic and competition. Learn how to spot these darkside tactics in action, and decide if it's up to the individual or up to the organization to protect data (or both).


Beverley Theresa
Social Media Strategist

Recognized as a crowd favorite at conferences, Beverley is a social media strategist, trainer, and speaker that focuses on helping companies execute their social media marketing strategically and confidently. Her hands-on social media experience has led her to work with everyone from national C-Suite executives to local entrepreneurs. Beverley is known for her quick wit and unconventional approach to social media and has been mentioned in publications such as Forbes, Business News Daily and CEO Blog Nation.