Raising Ethical Kids For a Networked World


Wednesday, November 7

10:30 – 11:15 am

Explorer Room

Education Track

Raising Ethical Kids For a Networked World

This presentation examines some of the moral dilemmas that kids face in their online activities and shares some strategies to help them build the social and emotional intelligence that’s needed to support ethical decision making — and build resiliency if things go wrong. It will focus on respect for people’s personal information by not oversharing, for people’s feelings by not participating in bullying or being a passive bystander, and for intellectual property by understanding copyright and plagiarism.


Matthew Johnson
Director of Education, MediaSmarts

As Director of Education for MediaSmarts, Canada's center for digital and media literacy, Matthew Johnson develops resources for educators, parents and students. He is also closely involved in all of MediaSmarts’ research projects, including Young Canadians' Experiences with Electronic Bullying and Non-Consensual Sharing of Sexts: Behaviours and Attitudes of Canadian Youth. He has presented on topics as diverse as cyberbullying, body image and online hate to parliamentary committees, academic conferences and governments and organizations around the world, and has served on expert panels convened by the Canadian Pediatric Society, the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada and others. Johnson is also an award-winning writer of novels, short stories, stage plays and radio and television scripts.