Collecting and Using Student Data Responsibly


Wednesday, November 7

3:40 – 4:30 pm

Explorer Room

Education Track

Collecting and Using Student Data Responsibly

A focus on data-based decision-making and the rising use of technology in the classroom is combining to increase the volume of data gathered for the K–12 environment. It is imperative to consider how to share and store this data to protect the privacy of student information and ensure your organization’s infrastructure has the ability to move large volumes of data quickly. Networks like SRNET, Cybera, and CANARIE can help ensure your data is secure and easily accessible.

This presentation will touch on Greater Saskatoon Catholic School’s (GSCS) increased usage of technology, the importance of student data in decision-making in a school division, and will provide examples of how GSCS uses data in its decision-making processes. The need to protect student data, and examples of problems that could arise, will also be discussed. Finally, there will be a high-level overview of GSCS’s own network set up, and how that set up supports the division’s goals of having a stable environment that best protects our student information.


Sandra Climenhaga
Assistant Manager of Data Services, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Sandra Climenhaga has been working for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools for the past 16 years and is currently the Assistant Manager of Data Services. Sandra is the key link between IT and the product users in the school division and spends her time directing IT work related to product needs and enhancements; solving organizational information problems by analyzing requirements; and determining operational objectives by studying business functions. GSCS serves approximately 19,000 students in 50 schools and a significant part of her role entails the management of GSCS’s student data, including provincial requirements around funding and assessment data and all reporting needs for internal and external stakeholders.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Commerce through Royal Roads University, a Business Administrative Certificate through the University of Saskatchewan, is a member of Saskatchewan Association of School Board Officials and enjoys representing the school division on various committees or working groups as needed. When not at work Sandra enjoys unwinding by taking part in poker nights with friends where she has no idea what she is doing but plays anyways, and travelling with her husband and kids when they are able to get away.