Call to Action for New Data Science Projects







Cybera’s Data Science for Albertans program is accepting applications for small and medium sized businesses or not-for-profits who want support to explore a data science problem. Over the past three years we have seen an emergence of data science and machine learning tools being utilized by Alberta businesses to help improve efficiency and maximize financial returns. Over this time, Cybera has worked with many Alberta based businesses and start-ups leverage these new tools.

This free short term call to action will pair you with members of Cybera’s Data Science team, who will help you explore your data, evaluate the feasibility of your data science project or problem, provide you with advice on next steps, with the ultimate goal to provide a proof of concept for you to work with.

Companies who are looking to get involved should;

  • Possess the necessary data to address their specific problem 
  • Be based in Alberta
  • Have limited data science expertise on staff
  • Be available to work with Cybera’s data scientists throughout the consultation.

These programs tend to be oversubscribed so apply soon to take advantage of this free opportunity. This program is supported in part from funding from the CARES program.

If you have any additional questions about this call to action or any other services the Data Science for Albertans provides feel free to email us directly.

Deadline for proposals is December 7th 2019. Click here to Participate in this round of Data Science Projects.